For the love of the written word

A Sense of Obligation

Petty crimes.  Garbage disposal.  Homeowner issues.  These are problems that are common to villages.  In fact, these issues are commonplace in this part of Cavite, where villages are sprouting everywhere.  And these are just examples of issues that gave birth to this blog.
In the small subdivision in Springville where I live, we have all sorts of problems you can think of.  Is it anybody’s fault?  Yes and no.  It could be your neighbor’s fault, or the barangay’s negligence. What about MINE?  YES.  One thing is sure:  WE HAVE TO ACT & ACT TOGETHER. 
I have to admit.  I am an activist and optimist at heart.  In this world of jaded dreams, skepticism and violence, this blog aims to bring out the best in communities by rousing people from complacency.  I do not walk the streets with a placard on my hands.  That kind of idealism is left to the youth.
Lest I be thought of as leftist or much worse, a Communist, rest assured I am not.  Social media is a powerful tool, one in which people can use to be effectively heard. 
But this blog is not all about issues and drudgery.  There are lighter sides as well.  Let’s talk about places to go to, restos to dine at, and events to watch.  Nothing big.  It can be as small as school event, or big as a fiesta.  This blogsite is for the Pinoy Community at large, wherever you are!

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