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Bacoor Municipal Ordinance Against Stray Pets

Nothing can be more frustrating to see your lawn or street littered with animal feces.  Most Filipinos love pets, but we don’t seem to take on the responsibility that goes with it.  Most owners just leave their dogs unleashed and uncared for, which as a result just load their poop anywhere and may carry heaven knows what disease.  What’s worse, some pets roam the streets unvaccined, exposing people to the danger of rabies.

A caveat to  irresponsible pet owners within the municipality of Bacoor.  Mayor Strike Revilla just issued Memorandum Order No. 94-4 which seeks to put a stop to stray pets scattered around the municipality.  Under said Order, stray animals will be caught by a roving Mobile Animal Pounding Vehicle.  These animals will be tagged and numbered by the pounding officer.  Individuals catching such strays will be issued a receipt by the pounding officer which will be given to the owner of the pet for claiming at the pound.  The owner pays a fine for the release of his/her pet and a minimal fee for the vaccination of the animal (it seems that this is forced vaccination which the owner has to pay, whether or not he/she has already vaccined his pet for anti-rabies). 

The Order is indeed a welcome relief to most homeowners and residents in Bacoor who are concerned about this problem.  Hopefully, the homeowners/residents should be more wary of keeping their pets out of leash and outside the confines of their backyard.  Every resident in Bacoor should be aware of this.

On a larger scale, we hope there is a better system of implementing the catching of stray pets in the whole country, for everybody’s peace of mind.



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6 thoughts on “Bacoor Municipal Ordinance Against Stray Pets

  1. Col Angelito M. Deano (Ret.) on said:

    But is this effectively implemented in the Barangays.?

    • Hi. I just read your message. Sadly, this is not being implemented effectively as it should. It depends on the barangay captain.

      • Hi, Magandang araw po! Pwede po magtanong kung saan makikita ang details ng memorandum? Can we read it on-line, or link? My mga katanungan lang po kasi ako na nais ko malinawan tungkol dito. Salamat po!

      • Bacoor City Government’s website used to have available information on stray pets ( It’s not really available anymore. You can always contact the city government directly. Goodluck na lang po.

  2. Oly boligao on said:

    SA camella north springville mrmi po stray dog hndi nmn hinuhuli. Dami tae aso kalye..

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