For the love of the written word

Springville Classic Clubhouse

In our small community in Springville Classic, we have an old clubhouse, a half basketball court  and what used to be a swimming pool.  Due to years of neglect, homeowners’ dues (again), and maintenance issues, the swimming pool has since then been converted into a badminton-cum-volleyball area recently.  Sen. Bong Revilla’s missus (and now Congresswoman) Lani Mercado helped us fund the cementing of the badminton area.  So maganda na.  Not only that, we got a fresh coat of paint on our clubhouse.  Too bad I don’t have a picture of the whole clubhouse.  I tell you, it looks better now than it was before!

But there is a small part in the clubhouse that I want to turn into a small reading nook.  I have books that I can donate, and I know other residents may have some too, but where to put these books?  A portion of the clubhouse has two toilets that we can knock down and convert into a mini library  –  the kind where you can put shelves and books in it while the kids can read within the clubhouse perimeter.  I’ve asked around for help how this can be converted into a library, but there are no sponsors around to help.  So I am back to square one, which is to do something on my own. 

I realize that reading and writing are my deepest passions in life, and so I want to pass this on to children  –  at least the reading part.  Isn’t this important?  Sa dami ng libangan ng kids ngayon, malayo na ang pagbabasa sa kanilang listahan.  So I want this to be my advocacy in life.

I love telling stories as well.  And part of my advocacy is to conduct story telling sessions soon. Maybe then the library thing will come….

This is the toilet and dressing room  –  now a room filled with waste and debris.  Can anybody understand why I want to do something about it?  But it really will take a lot of work (and GUTS) to get things done to spruce it all up.  Impossible?  No.  A little determination, hard work and dedication will do the trick.


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