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What Got Me Into This

I have always been working ever since I graduated from college.  I’ve never fancied myself as a stay-at-home wife.  With occassional rest periods, maternity leave and study leave in between, I continued to work to share in the burden of keeping house with my husband.  In a nuclear family like mine is (meaning without help from my family or my in-laws), a yaya is essential to the household.

The first yaya we had was very.  She was not the “de susi” kind of yaya, the kind that had to be told what to do everyday.  She was very affectionate with my son and loved feeding the little tyke.  My boy loved playing outdoors, and Ate Raquel indulged him in it.  She loved telling him stories and singing even if she was off-key at times.  And when the kid was asleep, she would clean the clutter in the house, spic and span.  And she loved reading newspapers as much as I do, so I always bought papers for her as “pasalubong”.

I cried when Raquel left us to elope with a guy she met as a text mate.  The last time we heard from her, she already had 4 kids and counting (“Ate, magdagdag ka pa,” she would tell me before).  After her, the nannies we’ve had were hits and misses.  But that’s another story.

Why am I doing this?  To purge myself and to share stories with interested folks out here in the ‘Net.  I’ve checked on blogs that say something about yayas and there are a-plenty, and I wanted to add more to that by adding this blog.  Not only to share, but to get stories from other families as well  –  good or bad. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love nannies and recognize their contribution to the well-being of our children.  But sometimes  –  SOMETIMES  –  some of them do not have the right disposition or behavior that ultimately impacts on our children.  How can a parent NOT be concerned of THAT?

Bottomline is, we hope for better yayas around and give praise to the good ones.  The bad ones, of course, need to be corrected and that the public should be aware of these persons.

This is my contribution to my society.


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