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Antics of Yaya and Angelina

In my rare times of watching tv, Bubble Gang is one of my fave shows.  Being the last day of the working week and late night at that, I watch it whenever I can to de-stress myself.

Part of the program that I look forward to is the portion of Yaya ang Angelina played by Michael V and Ogie Alcasid.  It shows the love-hate relationship between the yaya and her ward.  Although they tend to argue most of the time, you know that deep inside they love each other  –  albeit in a weird sort of way.  It’s funny and I love it!  It’s hilarious!

Which is what I can almost say about my son and his Ate Jenny.  There are practically days when I fear going home to find them arguing over the simplest things  –  favoring tv over homework, playing with the village kids when time’s up to go to school, what to eat, what not to wear….  Hayyy….  There are no verbal or physical abuses here, mind you.  Just plain tigas ng ulo or kakulitan.  We would fuss over it and my son would be grounded for days on end.  

What’s worse is the reaction of his Ate Jenny.

“Ate, uuwi na ‘ko,” she would tell us, almost weepy.  And I would ask “Is this what you want to do?”  I know somehow that she wants to stay, but because of these episodes, well, she just wants out.
Then the next day, they’re all sweet and syrupy again. 

Lest that people think that my son is a terror, he is not.  His Ate Jenny will attest to that.  Likewise his yaya, who is efficient in taking care not only of the house but all of US inside it.  We love her to bits.    

Love and hate relationships are ok.  In fact, they enrich any relationship than the smooth sailing ones.  I think I am more wary of yayas who are too good to be true, the Maria-from-the-Sound-of-Music kind.  Call me a skeptic!  And this is why I enjoy watching Yaya and Angelina on the boob tube.  Their relationship may not be perfect, but you know the love and respect between yaya and ward is there.


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