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My World of Books

Eversince I was young, I loved books.  Fairy tale picture books were simply my favorite, especially Thumbelina.  Even before I could utter a word I would leaf through the thick pages and look at the very nice pictures  –  imagining myself to be the miniscule character of the story.  I would soon progress into other fairy tale stories as well, the likes of Cinderella and Snow White. 

Somehow during my elementary years, I lost interest, but still occassionally opening a book here and there.  I never liked the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books of my days (there you go, you know I’m at least a decades older than you!). Blame it on our school librarian who I feared like the plague!  My love for reading decreased.

An uncle of mine would visit us when I was younger, bringing a bagful of pocketbooks that my mom kept at home.  I never even bothered to look at these books, until one day one of the books fell off a shelf.  It was a book by the famed romance author Barbara Cartland.  Now this grand dame was known for her fairy tale-like romance novels  –  damsel in distress meets the man of her dreams who happened to be a prince in disguise, beat all odds and live happily ever after.

Mme. Barbara Cartland

After reading a few pages, I was hooked!  My love affair with books started almost at the same time I began a passionate interest in writing!  But it started with one Barbara Cartland book.  To this day, I get my Cartlands from Ebay where they sell somewhere between Php50-100.  For an avid reader and collector like me, it’s a steal!  Even now that I’m already married and with a family of my own, I would read her books  –  not anymore to wish for my own prince, but more like to relive how romance was in the olden days.  Reading her books never failed to make me swoon….

By the time I reached high school, I was into the Read Your Own Adventure series.  I loved these because it let the reader decide which course to take which often led to different endings.  I would read and reread the pages until I got to the correct ending!  The books were fantastic to an impressionable youth like I was.  By the time I graduated from high school, I was into Judith Krantz and Jackie Robbins.  All heavy stuff, heavy drama.  I felt like my life was Melrose Place-cum-Dynasty, not that it had any semblance in real life.
By college, I had complete access to a library which I could borrow books on days on end.  I was a bookworm and read any material I could lay my hands on, with the exception of textbooks, Aristotle and Socrates!
Forward to today, I am still a confirmed bookworm.  I would rather read a book anytime than watch tv anytime.  My husband is my complete opposite, but we go along fine.  I just hope I pass this on to our kid.

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