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A Bibliophile’s Dream: A Book Fair!

There is no better past time than reading a book.  One learns so many things in a good read that you would not have found anywhere else.  Ok, there’s tv, the Internet, Discovery Channel, Wikipedia, but the element of thrill and excitement will nowhere be near to reading a good book.  To bibliophiles at least.

For the past two years, I have been attending the Manila International Book Fair for updates on the latest reading material.  Since getting into publishing myself, I have found a renewed interest in reading  –  this time in the publishing side.  With hubby in tow, off we went to SMX Convention Center to attend the exhibit.

Filipino bookworms unite!

Regardless of what other people say about the Filipinos not being the reading lot, we found a lot of bibliophiles at the fair.  Not just browsing around, but really reading and buying books  –  by the bulk!  It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a comic book or a magazine, as long as it’s reading, then that’s GREAT!  The greatest minds always started this way, reading small, simple books. 
Of course, there are always the giants in Philippine publishing:  Vibal, Anvil, Central Books, C&E, Lampara.  These are the biggest  in Philippine publishing and it’s always a treat to look at the latest materials.  There are the newbies as well in which I hopefully aspire to be included next year.  Big dreams for a small ant!
Joke books from PSICOM, with hubby’s hand on it!

The book fair had a lot of surprises that day.  We were able to catch a story-telling competition by Lampara Books.  There was a book launch and signing in the afternoon by the celebrated Filipino author Samantha Sotto for her book entitled “Before Ever After”, which is drawing good reviews  in the international scene.  Unfortunately, could not stay long to watch it.  Pugad Baboy’s famed creator Pol Medina, Jr. came too.

Attending the book fair is certainly a bookworm’s favorite treat.  With the government’s support for Filipino publishers, it is certainly a welcome for Filipino readers.

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