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How A Storm Inspired Me

Manila was hit by a storm just two days ago.  It was so strong that not only schools had to be suspended but also offices as well.  Flood was everywhere as well as flying GI sheets, branches, garbage.  The water at Manila Bay never looked so ferocious as that day had been.  Swanky hotels situated near the bay area were submerged in flood waters.  Even the US Embassy didn’t stand a chance.

I found it a perfect day to work on the ebooks I am supposed to be releasing next month (hopefully, the Copyright and ISBN Offices release their approval on time).  With a hot cup of coffee beside my work table, I worked on the manuscripts for final editing.  Luckily, the typhoon did not knock down the powerlines in our area, so I was able to concentrate on reading and editing the whole day.

I’ve already completed editing “Illusive Hearts”, a love story written by a new Filipino author who goes by the name Starblaze.  It is a story about a poor guy who meets a wealthy lady after his girlfriend was raped and murdered.  How does a person pick up the pieces when a loved one dies?  How does a heart heal?  The story is riveting, and as I was doing my editing I couldn’t help but read the story all over again. 

I just love it how good stories unfold, the twists and turns at the turn of each page.  In this story, Homer is the idealistic hero of the story, distraught with the death of the woman he loved.  Just when his love is reciprocated, tragedy happened.  It’s a good read.

The novel, published by RASMB Publications, will be due for release in October 2011.  The ebook is in epub format and will be available at RASMB Publication website, BOOKLATIN PHILIPPINES, at

Have a nice day, y’all!





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