For the love of the written word

Hitting a Writing Stumble

Finally, I am back to writing my blog.  More than the demands of my day job which kept me tied to doing paperwork is the seeming threat of writers’ block everytime I faced the screen.  Truly, not until I decided to take on a journey to a writing career did I experience this… sentiment.  Before, I never run out of ideas and topics for my materials.  Now, I even need to have a small notebook for my moments of inspiration, or else I simply forget everything.  I really must take more multivitamins to feed my neurons better (pun intended from the words of a most distinguished senator in the Philippines).

Anyway, a temporary block is not really bad.  On the contrary, it allows one to compose his thoughts coherently while allowing one to step back to take a look at what he has already done so far in his work.  Most writers – especially those that have to beat a deadline – panic frantically.  Personally, I could never think of writing as a job, since I love writing and realized it early on that this is a passion that is heaven-sent.  So I think of these momentary pauses as an opportunity to recoup my senses and make mental notes of what I’ve done so far.  It’s no different from St. Ignatius Loyola’s “Spiritual Exercises”. 

To writers, stumbles and pauses like these should be embraced.  No reason to worry.  Relax, step back, and review.  It is in these moments that you get a second wind to write better with a vengeance.


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