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A New Reading Campaign – Where It All Started

Working on a small project for our community in Cavite.  In the village where I live, children play at the run-down clubhouse that has become a favorite hang-out for plays, dances, and what have you.  A small half-court basketball is also available for the bigger boys, but for the young, it is really the clubhouse that has been the favorite venue for plays.

Inside the clubhouse are two restrooms which served as a dressing area/wash room for the nearby swimming pool – now converted to a multi-purpose play area for volleyball or badminton.

Since the rooms have now been virtually abandoned and unused, why not turn it into a LIBRARY AREA for children?

A closer look at one of the dressing rooms of the cluhouse. Take note, the door has been torn off!

So this is where the idea began, and the I DARE TO READ campaign was conceived.

Still in works, plans are now underway to knock down the dingy walls and convert it to an area where children can borrow books to read.  A book drive will be conducted village wide where residents can donate their old books.  Everything’s still a work in progress, but with sheer determination and support, this baby project will push through.

The clubhouse interiors


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