For the love of the written word


Unadorned it is

In the midst of greens

Standing proud as it once stood

Standing in the company of whites


Gently doth the wind caress

Baked under the fiery sun

and tears on days cast

and chill under moonlight.


“For years I fought for you and died,

for years of labor under pain and death.

Till Liberty called an end to arms

as I lay sweetly on the bruised Earth.”


Time has come for you,

My sweet, to watch over me

on quiet plain. And offer prayers for my release

from my unbearable pain.


When judgment harkens

to call you home to recall what you have done

I shall remember you to plead

For when your moment has come.


This cross, once solely mine

will now be yours to bear

as you pass from the Great Veil

not a moment to shed a tear.


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