For the love of the written word

Tales of the Fisherfolk


Under the toiling heat we waited

As the nets cast out into the great sea

So calm it seemed this day to me

With lofty thoughts of what will be.


Come hell or high waters the leadman harks

to call the fisherfolk into the sea

And with all strength, we pull the cords

And take hold of the reins to feign fishes that flee.


And with all strength, we pulled and we heaved

Under sweltering heat and rough sand

Our thoughts upon the catch so grand

To bring bounty to the hungry man.


At the end of the ropes so long it appeared

Anticipating what looked to be naught

Teeming on the other end of the line–God’s bounty appears!

Flittering and dancing under the glittering sun.


At last we fill up buckets to brim

And share and share what we folks catch.

The day is done again at last,

And we await for a new day to hatch.


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