For the love of the written word

The Way to Eternity


I left this Earth, weightless that I–

Flitted like the gentle wind under the sunlight.

I found myself crossing to the other side—

Eager to find beyond death what might.

Source: Creativefan

Source: Creativefan

On the road side still I find an old man,

Whose face was old as Father Time.

I asked him “Which way to Eternity should I go?”

“You go that way straight and take your time”.

Heeding his words, I trudge along the path

Which seemed narrower and thornier the farther I go.

Even in this state, weary was I

I worked my way as clouds moved to and fro.

Just a while more what seemed ages to me,

A little girl, not quite five, sat on the side

“Which way to Eternity little girl?” I asked.

Thinking that I might go far and wide.

“Walk just a little more, you will find at the end—

what you are looking for. Be happy at last!”

Joyful was I that would finally find—

The reward of all my good deeds past.

But as I walked farther still to the light I fond

The road paved with thorny bushes still.

The cobbled road barely fit my feet

To climb the narrow road uphill.



Lo up top, I find a well at the end of the road.

And sat on the edge to search what I can find.

Is this Eternity for me, to find a well?

Is this my reward for the life I left behind?

Not a second to lose an image appeared

The Gentlest Soul appeared to me.

“My son, have you failed to see Eternity–

As you head along the narrow way?”

“You’ve met Peter I see, to whom the Church I gave

And the child you met along the way

Is the innocence you’ve set your heart during life

To lead you to the reward you say.”

For an instant there I realized that—

The Soul who met me on the well was Christ!

I kneeled to the ground and kissed His feet

Realizing finally that I had hit the prize!


“My son, I was with you for ages since–

And waited for this day to come.

Eternity is here, with Me, and now.

Receive your reward as you are home.”

As I tell you in your dreams dear friend

What eternity has been like for me.

Build your blocks of eternity on earth

And be joyful what on the other side you shall see.


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