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The Way to Eternity


I left this Earth, weightless that I–

Flitted like the gentle wind under the sunlight.

I found myself crossing to the other side—

Eager to find beyond death what might.

Source: Creativefan

Source: Creativefan

On the road side still I find an old man,

Whose face was old as Father Time.

I asked him “Which way to Eternity should I go?”

“You go that way straight and take your time”.

Heeding his words, I trudge along the path

Which seemed narrower and thornier the farther I go.

Even in this state, weary was I

I worked my way as clouds moved to and fro.

Just a while more what seemed ages to me,

A little girl, not quite five, sat on the side

“Which way to Eternity little girl?” I asked.

Thinking that I might go far and wide.

“Walk just a little more, you will find at the end—

what you are looking for. Be happy at last!”

Joyful was I that would finally find—

The reward of all my good deeds past.

But as I walked farther still to the light I fond

The road paved with thorny bushes still.

The cobbled road barely fit my feet

To climb the narrow road uphill.



Lo up top, I find a well at the end of the road.

And sat on the edge to search what I can find.

Is this Eternity for me, to find a well?

Is this my reward for the life I left behind?

Not a second to lose an image appeared

The Gentlest Soul appeared to me.

“My son, have you failed to see Eternity–

As you head along the narrow way?”

“You’ve met Peter I see, to whom the Church I gave

And the child you met along the way

Is the innocence you’ve set your heart during life

To lead you to the reward you say.”

For an instant there I realized that—

The Soul who met me on the well was Christ!

I kneeled to the ground and kissed His feet

Realizing finally that I had hit the prize!


“My son, I was with you for ages since–

And waited for this day to come.

Eternity is here, with Me, and now.

Receive your reward as you are home.”

As I tell you in your dreams dear friend

What eternity has been like for me.

Build your blocks of eternity on earth

And be joyful what on the other side you shall see.


An Accolade


For every winning streak
And countenance of victory
The humbling words remain
the garland of success.

For is it not in every combat
An effort pushed and heaved
Beyond the face of adversity
The winner reigns supreme.

Be not afraid to waste
Sweet words of glorious praise
To the victor of the battle
The winner of the race.

In every man’s time is a time
For sweet triumph and bitter defeat
Yours may come too soon
Yours may come too late.

A Smile at Christmas

Painting by Ilir Pojani (Source: Fine Art American)

Painting by Ilir Pojani (Source: Fine Art American)

This little boy I saw across–

the park, and watched his pallid face.

In tattered clothes he was dressed

It looked so awfully old and grey.

What was in his mind, I couldn’t say

He neither looked worried nor depressed.

Walking the path in small, easy steps

He looked so tiny, fragile and weak.

He teetered and trotted for a while until

He landed on my lap to rest.

And then something happened–as though by will

He reached for his pocket and stretched his fingers


for upon his palm was a candy there

offering me his last reserve.

And what was more, it seemed so queer

that such an act like that would appear

from an innocent child who should know more

than let go of his only spare.

I couldn’t say if I cried or smiled

He looked at me with such tranquility and strength

Why should he smile when I gave him–

not a single cent for the candy shared?

But I know now he wouldn’t have cared.

Giving was all he ever dared.

Let Me Be









Let me be alone in this world

And find the abode of my Self

Let me be with all the creations of the world

And let these be my wealth.


Let me be like a bird flying high

Reaching the heavens with my wings

And, like a prayer soaring in the sky

Let me praise beauty when I sing.


Let me be the gentle rose

With petals as red as blood

And let there be beauty in a prose

As subtle as a flower bud.


Let me be like air that I breathe

And drift a-swift in the land

To carry with me wayward seeds

And paint the ground a-grand.

The Diary on the Shelf



A word is just a passing thought

until you write it down.

A word expressing feelings, anger or disgust

or just an event around town.

The memories so fresh now it seems

may be blurred with the passing of time.

And hard you may try, you’ll never recall

For when you’re past your prime.

Reach out for a pen and jot it down.

And let memories freely flow

You may discover soon beyond these events

A memory that’s meant to grow.

Save A Smile For Me

(Source: The Monarch House (


If I could only paint a poignant tree

But then you know, I really can’t

Do not say anymore kind words for me

–only save a smile for meP1060178

When I’m down, do not despair

For sunny skies are ours to gain

Do not taunt me for my failures

–let the smiles on your face remain.



If you are in trouble, I will stand beside you

I love you, don’t you see?

And when you are down, I will give you in return–

the smile you gave, way back, for me.

Slow Me Down



When everything seems to be running fast when it shouldn’t

And I must take my time to rest but I couldn’t

When all things must be thought hard but it wouldn’t

I pray, my Lord, to slow me down.




 When time seems like it’s not enough

And I must have to be strong and tough

When life’s pressures begin to become fierce and rough

I pray, my Lord, to slow me down.




 When things cannot wait that I have to go

And work the merits for my future to sow

When there is not enough time to grow

I pray, my Lord, to slow me down.




When I seem to forget the blessings You give

That it seems I need more than a big, big heave

When I seem to forget the meaning of why I live

I pray, my Lord, You slow me down.



And I Was Alone


Sailing through unknown waters

I look upon the deep blue sea

No one was there, but only I

I called out to the depths…

–a soul, mournful cry.

Watching the crests rise up and down

Breaking to whitecaps all around

I marveled at the great expanse…

which no one saw

–but only I.

Mountain tops treat me to pristine tranquility

A beauty which no one has ever seen

A fisherman’s boat far below stirs me

To think what forces

attracts me to the sea….

The ship is big and teeming with life

Like raging water on troubled shores

The beauty outside arrests my soul

But alone was I

–and there was none no more.

One Step Forward, Don’t Look Back

When you think you want to do it

But you feel you can’t

When you feel you must do it

But believe you shant

When you want to take chances

But you think you’ll crack

Take one step forward

And don’t look back.

When you like to gamble

But you think you’ll loose

That you’d rather live life

Swimming in booze

When you want to give it all

And not be taken aback–

Take one step forward

And don’t look back.

When you desire to reach the top

But you think you’ll fall

Take in mind that life’s not easy

That you can’t do it all

When you want to make it big

And want to hit the jack

Take one step further

And don’t look back.

When  you’re near the gold

It’s easy to cower up

Not believing how near

You are to the top

When the odds are strong

And courage is nothing you lack

Take the step forward…

And don’t look back.

Tales of the Fisherfolk


Under the toiling heat we waited

As the nets cast out into the great sea

So calm it seemed this day to me

With lofty thoughts of what will be.


Come hell or high waters the leadman harks

to call the fisherfolk into the sea

And with all strength, we pull the cords

And take hold of the reins to feign fishes that flee.


And with all strength, we pulled and we heaved

Under sweltering heat and rough sand

Our thoughts upon the catch so grand

To bring bounty to the hungry man.


At the end of the ropes so long it appeared

Anticipating what looked to be naught

Teeming on the other end of the line–God’s bounty appears!

Flittering and dancing under the glittering sun.


At last we fill up buckets to brim

And share and share what we folks catch.

The day is done again at last,

And we await for a new day to hatch.

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