For the love of the written word

My Advocacies

I belong to the old school where children read books and played makeshift toys–toys that built your imagination. It was an age of rotary telephones, snail mail and what have you.

I believe in the power of books… books that inspire minds to reach higher lengths, books that challenge your thinking and improve your way of seeing things.

I believe in reading out loud to children and taking them to sit down with them to bring this love of reading, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

I believe that literacy is a growing problem in our society, despite our technological advancement. With every kind of distraction in our midst, our children are in danger of moral corruption, ignorance and violence.

By volunteering to be an instrument of change, we can make baby steps towards changing the future of our youth.

I am a storyteller and a writer. This is my story and my passion.


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